Come Late Summer/Early Autumn 2018 - MALDA - a cafe and small hotel inspired by Jurgen Lehl's Babaghuri design and lifestyle philosophy, opens its doors across the street from Babaghuri Kyoto.  

MALDA's name originates from a type of Indian silk, designer Jurgen Lehl sourced and used in his past collections.   We draw inspiration from the silk's golden cocoon form and texture with beautiful and fragile, and yet being bold and rustic in nature.  

Café MALDA is located on the first floor, while the hotel rooms are housed above.  Guests can wake up to the scent of freshly baked muffins in our cafe, while the apartment-style hotel rooms offer a place to unwind and reset.  

As Babaghuri does through its work and design philosophy, MALDA also strives to offer different possibilities for lifestyles through the experience during their stay.


Jurgen Lehl (1944–2014)
Spent over 40 years in Japan.  He worked as a textile designer in Paris and New York before arriving in Japan in 1971. The following year he established his own brand, Jurgen Lehl. In 2006, he established a new brand producing a range of housewares under the Babaghuri label. High quality materials, natural ingredients, and attention to detail are qualities of the brand. The line of products, include pottery, glassware, towels, and basketware, handcrafted by artisans in Japan and abroad.

Lehl was a pioneer in environmental awareness. In the latter half of the1990s, he began creating a farm on Okinawa’s Ishigaki Island, where he spent a third of each year at his waterfront home.



➤ Address
684 Marukizaimokucho
Nakagyo-ku,  Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu
Postal code: 604-8106  Japan  MAP
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➤ Café MALDA
※No reservations required for the cafe
10am - 7pm Daily

➤ Hotel MALDA
+81-80-1456-5967 (9am - 6pm JST)
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At MALDA Hotel, do as you please and take the time to reflect. 

MALDA embodies its personality in both its bold details and the fluid, informal way its spaces function. A naturally friendly atmosphere, where guests tend to feel that they are staying with friends rather than at a hotel. 

The rooms are sized at 60 square meters and each floor have an inspired color-palette: red, blue and charcoal.  Rooms at MALDA have a two semi-double beds, daybed and an inviting bathroom.  All rooms feature Babaghuri textiles and interior items, and perfectly represent the signature MALDA feel. 

We offer a delightful, organic vegetarian breakfast served in the privacy of the guest's room. 

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Cafe malda


Handmade, everyday.  

Café MALDA is located on first floor of the hotel. We bake our muffins fresh everyday and prepare our desserts using the best of natural and seasonal ingredients.  Signature Babaghuri cookies are available as a perfect gift item to take home or enjoy in the cafe. 

The drink menu features Babaghuri's original blend bean tea, organic coffee, as well as a natural wine list.  When in season, fruits, herbs and citrus from Jurgen Lehl's farm in Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, inspires our cafe to create a seasonal soda.  

For lunch we serve a vegetarian curry, a favorite menu at Jurgen Lehl's company cafeteria. 

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