Introducing MALDA

Welcome to MALDA and thank you for taking interest.  

With a series of fruitful coincidences and connections, MALDA was created by the cooperation and support of Jurgen Lehl Co.,Ltd. and partners.  Always questioning and refining the truth behind what experiences we can bring to our guests and being inspired by Lehl's design and lifestyle philosophy.  

The cafe had a head start in opening in the middle of a very hot Kyoto summer, and we are thrilled to have guests stay at MALDA hotel set to open end of September.  In both the cafe and hotel experiences, we hope guests have the opportunity to reflect upon what is truly important and influence an alternative way of thinking through their stay.   

Here at MALDA,  we will continue to question, investigate and share with our guests,
what we think is meaningful and important in life.  

We look forward to your visit and stay. 

Nobuyuki Fujimoto | Owner of MALDA

Produced by:VACANCES Inc.
Supervision:Jurgen Lehl Co.,Ltd.
Coordination:ROKKAKUYA CO., LTD.
Branding:NAMI NAMI
VI・Graphic Design:Simple Society
Design・Construction:coto Inc.
Exterior Direction:SANKAKUYA CO., LTD.
Operation:VINCENTo Inc.